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Moose | Things to do in Anchorage Alaska

The Best Things To Do in Anchorage Alaska

I admit it, when I imagined visiting Alaska the last place I thought I’d enjoy was Anchorage. In my mind it was nothing more than the place the airplane lands before I head off to the wild. It ends up I was wrong. Anchorage…

Boat tour of Kenai Fjord National Park | Things to do in Seward Alaska

The Best Things To Do in Seward Alaska

Recommendations from local Alaskans Seward Alaska is an iconic Alaskan village nestled between Mount Marathon and the shores of Resurrection Bay. Its a gateway to Kenai Fjords National Park, where glaciers flow from Harding Icefield into coastal fjords that are bursting with wildlife. So…

Alaska Wildlife Conservation | Day Trips from Anchorage

7 Spectacular Day Trips from Anchorage Alaska

It’s hard to imagine the beauty of Alaska until you see it first hand. The wild, imposing mountains and the almost tropical blue of the glacial lakes create a landscape that beckons you to explore. Nestled between the ocean and tall snow-capped mountains, Anchorage…

Hot air balloons over the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm

The Essential Guide to Oregon’s Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival

  Imagine colorful hot air balloons gracefully floating over 40 acres of brilliant tulips fields. All with a backdrop of snow-covered mountains. This is the beauty you’ll find at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm during Tulip Fest, Oregon’s best tulip farm. Spring is a…

The complete guide to Portland gardens | The International Test Rose Garden

The Complete Guide to Portland Gardens

Little known fact is that Portland is home to spectacular gardens. The wet springs and mild climate are the perfect conditions to create stunning Spring color and lush green landscapes. The abundance of rain makes plants absolutely thrive here. I have created the complete…

Smith Rock State Park | Things to do in Bend with Kids

10 Things To Do with Kids in Bend, Oregon

Bend, Oregon has become a popular destination over the years thanks to the beautiful vistas, clear skies, and endless outdoor activities. Whether you want to venture out or stay in town, there are endless things to do with kids in Bend. This list was…